Summer Dessert Idea

In search of the perfect dessert that allows us to indulge on a warm spring or summer evening, we are happy to report that we at the Coop now carry Bubbies Hawaii Mochi!

Firstly you might be asking yourself, what is mochi ice cream? Japanese mochi ice cream is a dessert created with a pounded sticky rice dumpling (typically round) and an ice cream filling. We are highlighting the Green Tea flavor, but it can be created with a myriad of flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, passion fruit, blood orange, and mango.

The Green Tea flavor is a traditional, widely known flavor of mochi ice cream. Bubbies infuses traditional matcha green tea powder into the ice cream and the dough. In a pre-pandemic world (and fingers crossed post!), we love to put several variations of flavors of Bubbies onto skewers for friends and family or try using Bubbies Hawaii Mochi as the base to a milkshake.

Bubbies Hawaii Mochi Ice Cream is Certified Gluten-Free, KSA Dairy (contains neither milk, nor meat ingredients), no rBST, and NON-GMO.