Staff Picks! October 2019


I just love the combined flavor of mildly bitter leaves with sweet stems. Saute this Rainbow Chard in olive oil and top with feta cheese crumbles. It’s a great alternative to kale!

—Barb K.




If you want to love beef jerky, but don’t dig all the sugar, salt & funky “flavorings”, then Biltong is where it’s at! Great flavor, texture & 32 grams of protein in each package. Did I mention ZERO grams of sugar?!? Treat yourself to this great, local (Cambridge, MA) product on your next hike.

—Alli B.


OUTLAW BREWING — Cranky Yankee

I just recently tried Cranky Yankee. I enjoyed it so much I immediately bought more. It’s a smooth, easy IPA brewed with Azacca, Citrus & Pekko hops. I hope I’ve left enough Cranky Yankee on the shelf so you can try it too.

—Graham M.