Staff Picks! November 2018

Honest Organic Green Dragon Tea

I love this product because every sip I take I hear the dragon whisper “energize.” Feel the beast it says. And I love saying “Green Dragon Tea!” Just rolls off the tongue. You should try it because you need to experience this dragon force of energy. Plus, it’s just good!

—Ron C.


Field Day Vanilla Cream Cookies

These organic, Co+op Basic! Cookies taste great!  No high fructose corn syrup—just pure organic vanilla and sunflower oil. A clear example of not having to sacrifice taste because of cost. And they’re a perfect snack for all ages!

—Pam C.



Table 5 Frozen Uncured Pepperoni Pizza

Prepare in the microwave, pair it with your favorite drink and you’ve got a super easy meal! Plus the cornmeal crust is really tasty!

—Sean M.