Staff Picks! May 2017

June 2017

Minneola Tangelo

These are by far the best citrus fruits I’ve had all season—sweet and refreshing with a tiny tang. The skins peel easy and there are no seeds making them a super convenient and healthy snack for anytime or anywhere. Try one—you won’t be disappointed!

—Michael F.

All Terrain Poison Ivy/Oak Spray

As a recent user of this product, I have to say it saved my sanity and stopped the itching after a most unfortunate run in with poison ivy. I’d highly recommend using the spray along with the soap (often!) which really sped up the healing process and soothed my angry skin.

—Annie D.

Real Pickles

Real Pickles is unsurpassed in the raw, fermented, probiotic veggies that we offer. It’s made in Greenfield, MA with only locally grown and certified organic vegetables. And the shelf life is about 24 months! I also love that Real Pickles is a co-op too—with employee ownership.

I eat my favorite, sauerkraut, “raw” which is the best way, as a side or on a salad, giving a boost of flavor to any meal.

My inside tip to you: take advantage of the twice yearly promotions of this line and stock it away (refrigerated) as its shelf-life will keep it perfect until it comes up for promotion again:)

—Peter M.