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Staff Picks! March 2021

BACK TO NATURE — Pink Himalayan Salt Multi-Grain Flatbread

“These flatbreads have an extremely fresh, crisp taste with the perfect amount of salt. Try them with Nettle Meadow Honey Lavender Artisan cheese from our cheese case—an incredibly delicious sweet-salty mid-morning or evening snack.”

— Kimberly D





“An easy pairing with almost any meal. This Pinot Noir is full but without the notes of earth and wood you find in most other dark wines. It has just .03 g of sugar per serving and a healthy dose of antioxidants so enjoy a guilt-free glass!”

— Connie M




BACK ROADS — Dark Chocolate Pecan Granola

“A customer recommended this Brattleboro-made granola to me and wow—the Dark Chocolate Pecan is fantastic! Sprinkle it on yogurt, top your favorite ice cream, or just snack on it as is.”

— Chris C