Staff Picks! April 2018

Clown Shoes Beer—Space Cake #7 IPA

I love NH-brewed Space Cake for the full-bodied, smooth & slightly sweet taste. It doesn’t overpower you with bitterness and allows you to enjoy a full flavored IPA! It’s a 9% that doesn’t overpower you like a lot of other Double IPA’s out there.

—Nate P.


Ithaca Cold-Crafted—Fresh Lemon Beet Hummus

This gorgeous hummus is refreshing, assertive, sweet and satisfying. I love it on vegetables, crackers, salads, sandwiches, heck — my fingers if there is nothing else to eat it on. Everything in my kitchen has become a vessel for this hummus! It really does taste fresh and amazing!

—Emerald L.


Jack’s Abby—Post Shift

This beer is built for all seasons but will shine as the snow melts and the weather warms. Clean, crisp, bright and only slightly hopped, the lager will make your taste buds dance. Endlessly drinkable. Drink it straight from the can; this isn’t one of your fancy pouring beers. Best paired with any burger!

—Ned B.