Staff Spotlight: Yuko Mori

The Basics:

Department: Prepared Foods, Beverage Barista

Years at our Co-op: 5!

Special Skill / Hidden Talent: Japanese calligraphy. And Karaoke—which some of you already know 🙂

Favorite Product: That’s a tough one! Co-op carrot cake or Honey-Mama’s Lavender Rose Raw Cacao Bar.

Favorite Co-op Event: Tie-Dye Day

Digger Deeper:

Hometown: Chiba Prefecture, Japan (near Tokyo)

Coffee or tea?: I drink both—gotta switch it up depending on my mood.

What do you love about our co-op: I love chatting with customers, exchanging information, learning about local events, hearing their stories. I have out-of-town visitors return year after year!

The Fun Stuff:

What do you do after work: Run after my toddler, Niko! We love visiting Alyson’s Orchard and talking to the goats.

Favorite Comfort Food: Nabe, a.k.a. Hot Pot. We use a ceramic pot, put anything(!) in and cook it in the broth. So good on a winter night.