Ramps (Wild Leeks)

By Liza Drew, RD

Flavorful Fact: Foraging for ramps is illegal in Quebec due to over-harvesting. However, in New Hampshire ramps are quite prevalent and can be found both at the farmers’ market and in the forest.

Ramps have a strong flavor, somewhere between garlic, onions, and chives. They emerge in the spring, often in moist areas and near sugar maples. Ramps typically grow in clumps and can be harvested for their stalks and bulbs. Just make sure to leave a few in each cluster so that they can regenerate. Ramps are delicious added to pesto or scrambled with eggs and wild mushrooms. Use them in place of leeks in any recipe, or thinly slice and sauté in olive oil for a yummy salad topping.

{Ed. note: If you harvest your own, take only half of each “clump” and replant the rest.  Also avoid taking small, immature, or flowering plants.  See more: When Digging for Ramps Goes Too Deep.}

Try this Recipe:

Roasted Chicken with Ramps and New Potatoes