Catering orders must be placed at least 72 hours before pickup and allergies or food sensitivities should be mentioned at the time of order.  Stop by our Deli or call (603) 283-5412 to order today.

We regret we cannot take credit card payment over the phone; all orders must be paid for in-person at the register.

Items and prices subject to change. *PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE NH HOSPITALITY TAX

Every dish in our deli case is available for catering!

This includes seasonal recipes that you may not see in our case from day to day.

** We are happy to customize recipes to accommodate dietary preferences and allergies. Please give our Deli a call at (603) 283 5412 to find out what we can do for you! **

Most dishes are sold by the pound, so we can provide as much or as little as you need.

Our most popular dishes include:
  • Garlic Lover’s Pasta — $5.99/lb
  • Golden Beet Kale Salad (gluten-free) — $9.99/lb
  • Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad (gluten-free) — $10.99/lb
  • Mango Chicken Salad — $10.99/lb
  • Tofu Curry Salad (gluten-free) — $8.99/lb
  • Harvest Rice (gluten-free) — $8.99/lb
  • Almond Chicken Salad (gluten-free) — $10.99/lb
  • Kale Waldorf Salad (gluten-free) — $7.99/lb
  • Tortellini Salad with Lemon Caper Dressing —  $9.99/lb
  • Chipotle Potato Salad (gluten-free) — $9.99/lb
  • Emerald Sesame Kale Salad (gluten-free) — $10.99/lb
  • Thai Peanut Quinoa Salad (gluten-free) — $9.99/lb
  • Garlic Hummus (gluten-free) — $7.99/lb
  • Broccoli Cashew Salad (gluten-free) — $10.99/lb
  • Lil’ Cheddar Meatloaf (gluten-free) — $9.99/lb
  • Sesame Peanut Noodles (gluten-free) — $8.99/lb
  • Quinoa Tabouli (gluten-free) — $7.99/lb
  • Spicy Thai Tofu (gluten-free) — $9.99/lb
  • Thai Cabbage Slaw (gluten-free) — $9.99/lb
  • Co-op Potato Salad (gluten-free) — $5.99/lb
  • Caprese Salad (gluten-free) — $10.49/lb
  • Pesto Tortellini (vegetarian) — $9.99/lb
  • Spring Chicken Salad (gluten-free) — $10.99/lb
  • Apple Mint Beets (gluten-free) — $8.99/lb
  • Spinach Chickpea Salad (gluten-free) — $7.99/lb
  • Santa Fe Black Bean Salad (gluten-free) — $6.99/lb
  • Sweet & Spicy Tofu (gluten-free) — $8.99/lb
  • Meatball in Marinara (gluten-free) – $10.99/lb
  • Buffalo Chicken Meatballs (gluten-free) – $10.99/lb
  • Co-op Coleslaw – $5.99/lb
  • Shrimp Cocktail (gluten-free) $9.99/.5lb, $19.99/lb
  • Asparagus Antipasta (gluten-free) $12.99/lb
  • Cranberry Apple Pecan Slaw – $8.99/lb
  • Parmesan Herb Crusted Potato – $5.99/lb
  • Sumi Salad (gluten-free) – $7.99/lb
  • Alpha Omega – $8.99/lb
  • Creole Roasted Yam (gluten-free) – $5.99/lb
  • Wild & Craisy Rice – $7.99/lb
  • Sweet Potato Quesadilla – $6.99 each
  • Chicken Quesadilla – $6.99 each
  • Pasta Michelle with Bacon – $10.99/lb
  • Tri Colored Quinoa with Crasin & Cashew (gluten-free) – $8.99/lb
Quiche Made to Order
  • Broccoli Mushroom – $14.99 +tax
  • Quiche Loraine — $14.99 +tax
  • Spinach Feta Quiche — $14.99 +tax
  • Ham & Cheddar Quiche  — $14.99 +tax


Cheese Party Platter

Monadnock Food Co-op's Cheese Party PlatterA special selection of L’Ermitage Brie, Extra Sharp Cabot Cheddar, Smoked Gouda, Dill Havarti, dried fruit, roasted nuts and Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps.

Small (serves 10-12) — $49.99 +tax       Large (serves 18-20) — $79.99 +tax


Regional Favorites Cheese Platter

catering local cheese platterA special selection of high-quality, hand-crafted New England cheeses including Blythedale Brie, Bayley Hazen Blue, Boggy Meadow Baby Swiss, 2 Year Grafton Cheddar, Vermont Creamery Chevre, dried fruit, roasted nuts and Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps.

Small (serves 10-12) — $79.99 +tax      Large (serves 18-20) — $139.99 +tax

 Raw Organic Vegetable Crudité Platter

Monadnock Food Co-op catering crudite

Carrots, celery, cucumber, broccoli, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, our house-made garlic hummus.

Small (serves 6-10) — $19.99  +tax     Large (serves 15-20) — $27.99 +tax

Cold Meat Platter

catering meat platterNitrate and antibiotic free sliced smoked turkey, ham, genoa salami and roast beef with horseradish mayo or condiment of choice. Ask about our selection of freshly delivered local and organic breads.

Small (serves 8-12) — $37.99 +tax      Large (serves 18-24) — $67.99 +tax

 Meat and Cheese Platter

catering meat cheese platterCabot cheddar, swiss, provolone, turkey, ham, salami with horseradish mayo or condiment of choice. Ask about our selection of freshly delivered local and organic breads.

Small (serves 8-12) — $33.99 +tax      Large (serves 18-24) — $73.99 +tax

 Assorted Wrap or Sandwich Platter

catering sandwich platterAn assortment of our wrap selection with condiments served on the side;

Gluten free bread or wraps available (prepared in a facility with gluten).

Small (serves 5-8) — $29.99  +tax      Large (serves 12-18) — $67.99 +tax

Co-op Garden Salad

Organic spring mix, shredded organic carrots, grape tomato, cucumber slices, chickpeas, local sprouts with Co-op balsamic.

Small (serves 6-10) — $19.99 +tax       Large (serves 15-20) — $27.99 +tax

Cookie and Brownie Platter

Mini cookies and brownies (some brownies have walnuts)

Small (serves 6-10) — $19.99 +tax       Large (serves 15-20) — $39.99 +tax

Fruit Bowls (gluten-free)

Small – $35.99 +tax                      Large – $71.99 +tax


Soup by the gallon – $31.99

Call and ask about our soup options.