Spring Updates

Greetings Fellow Co-operators!

Your Board of Directors has been hard at work attending trainings, holding a retreat, revising our by-laws and planning the annual meeting.

This past Spring, Cooperative Development Services (CDS) invited Co-ops from the Northeast to a Co-op Café held in Keene.  Board members and store staff attended and heard how other Co-ops are surviving in a very competitive environment. We were inspired by the many success stories and, subsequently, at our annual retreat discussed strategies for harnessing our success to propel us into the future.  This discussion is on-going and we will keep you informed of any ideas or concepts that may seem promising.

After three years of utilizing the current by-laws, it has become apparent they needed updating.  The board has created a draft of the proposed changes and encourages member-owner feedback.  Look for an email and web presence within the next few weeks explaining the rationale for the changes and a schedule of member-owner meetings.  This is an important document and your feedback is crucial, so please participate!

Mark your calendars for October 24th for a fun and informative annual meeting to be held at Heberton Hall.  We are working out the details and would welcome volunteers to help with this endeavor.

Questions or thoughts about the work of the Board?  Contact us at [email protected].

Happy Spring!

Kathleen Burke
President, Monadnock Food Co-op Board of Directors