Calling Future Board Members

Would you like to serve with a dedicated, capable, positive group of people who love the co-op like you do and who work together toward its continued success? We have three openings on our Board of Directors. Maybe one of them is for you!

Here’s what Member-Owner Kate Hickey says about joining the board: “I remember being so impressed with how friendly and well-equipped the board is and how efficiently the meetings are run. It’s due in part to excellent board leadership and my fellow board members, but also because we are connected to national co-op resources that help us govern and develop our capacity as board members. That kind of support has made this board service a wonderful learning experience.”

Our co-op is a democratically controlled member organization with a nine-member Board of Directors, each elected during our annual Member-Owners’ meeting in October to serve a three-year term. Directors work for the benefit of the co-op and all its owners, collectively taking responsibility for the legal and financial health of the co-op.

Every member-owner is eligible to run in the election and we strongly encourage a diversity of Member-Owners to apply, including but not limited to, women, people of color, people of diverse gender identities and people of diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

Board guiding documents include a policy register which defines the roles and responsibilities of both the General Manager, to whom oversight of all daily operations is delegated and the Board of Directors. We are guided by our Ends Statement which outlines the key results we aim toward, like fostering the growth of sustainable local food systems and providing a marketplace that welcomes and connects the community.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please reach out to the Board at any time through the e-mail below. If you decide to run, we ask that you complete an application and attend an introductory board meeting. For more information contact [email protected].