Board Update: Annual Meeting

Over the last few months, our Board of Directors has had many thoughts about the Annual Meeting for 2021. The early discussions in the late spring reflected the improving COVID-19 infection numbers. As August rolled around, we once again were faced with the likelihood that we would not be able to host our meeting indoors with our usual social hour. We quickly went through Plan B, Plan C and arrived at what we think will be a decent compromise, although not what many of us hoped for.

As a Board, we are required to provide an Annual Meeting of our Member-Ownership to directly present information about the performance of our store, our Board, and our many other community activities and investments. Last year, we provided a virtual meeting with a combination of recorded messages and live presentations. We, of course, want to have as many Member-Owners as possible participate in the meeting and do it in a way that promotes a sense of community and shared purpose.

Trying to meet all those objectives this year is once again a challenge, although we are determined to provide an in-person meeting for those who feel they can safely attend. As of the end of August, we plan to hold the meeting in a large tent with seating, set up on the new parking lot at the far end of the store. Masks will be required for entry whenever one is in the tent, except for speakers when presenting. It is planned for the afternoon of Saturday, October 16, 2021. We will have something to snack on before the business meeting starts. We hope to have a speaker of interest and are exploring a way to broadcast the meeting to Member-Owners who cannot attend.

So we have had to make accommodations while keeping many elements of the meeting that we all appreciate. Watch for updates over the next few weeks. Member-Owners will get the Annual Report in the mail by the first week of October with information on this meeting and how to vote for Board members.