Hey, Check This Out! September 2018

Kettle & Fire Beef Bone Broth

Kettle & Fire’s Beef Bone Broth has a mild flavor, which makes it easy to use in your recipes. Made with marrow bones from organically raised, 100% grass-fed cows, organic carrots, organic celery, organic onions, organic bay leaves, organic apple cider vinegar, and reverse-osmosis purified water.

If you prefer a stronger flavor for sipping, get creative and spice it up with ginger, garlic, turmeric, or cayenne to suit your taste buds. K & F recommends drinking at least 3 cups per week since bone broth is such a good source of collagen and anti-inflammatory amino acids. We love bone broth anytime for a warming extra protein boost or to curb those afternoon carb cravings.

Sugar Bob’s Smoked Maple Syrup BBQ Sauce

If you love Sugar Bob’s Smoked Maple Syrup (you can find that in the meat department justin case you haven’t discovered this wonderful ingredient yet!), you will love their latest product launch—Smoked Maple BBQ Sauce—a rich tomato and vinegar-based marinade and grilling sauce made with that famous smoked maple syrup and an added little kick of Vermont Maple Sriracha. So far, we’ve used it on chicken for grilling, topping a meatloaf, and on a burger as a ketchup alternative. Tangy, spicy and good!!

Maple Guild Organic Maple Vinegar

For those of us who think maple makes everything better, now we have Maple Vinegar— Maple Guild naturally ferments its organic maple sap and then ages it in Napa Valley wine barrels to create a premium vinegar. Try using it in your salad vinaigrettes and meat marinades. Or try this super easy recipe for homemade Salt & Maple Vinegar Chips!

Salt & Maple Vinegar Chips

Ingredients: Yukon Gold potatoes, Maple Guild Organic Maple Vinegar, and Coarse Kosher salt

Directions: Preheat oven to 400° F. With a mandolin, slice potatoes and place in a bowl. Soak potatoes in just enough maple vinegar to coat the slices for 15-30 minutes. Pat dry all slices to remove excess vinegar. Place on baking sheet and sprinkle coarse Kosher salt. Bake for 6-8 minutes, or until slices start to brown. Flip and bake on the other side for 3 minutes.