Hey, Check This Out! November 2018


Kimble Brook Farm Organic Milk

A creamy, cold glass of organic milk from Kimball Brook Farm in North Ferrisburgh, VT is truly delicious.

Most of us know that organic means free of growth hormones, GMOs, pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics. And that organic farming practices are heavily monitored and regulated. Kimball Brook Farm has, in fact, been given a 5 COW score by Cornucopia.org, the best score possible!

But in looking into why organic milk was so much more expensive, you start learning more about what organic milk does have rather than doesn’t have. These benefits—more Omega 3, a higher concentration of antioxidants and other nutrients may just make it worth the price. Here’s one article to check out. I mean, maybe it can actually save some money in the supplement aisle?!?

Whether your reasons are environmental or health related, Kimball Brook Farm organic milk may be just the smart choice you’re looking for. You’ll find Kimball Brook whole and 2% in our refrigerator case.

MALK Organic Almond Milk

Born with a severe dairy allergy, founder August Vega spent most of her lifetime struggling to find foods that wouldn’t make her sick. Years later, when her son was born with the same allergy, that condition motivated her mission: create a better dairy alternative.

MALK Organic is the only nationally available brand on the market made with six certified organic ingredients and  cold-pressed to retain maximum freshness and nutrients. MALK Organic’s products are dairy-, soy-, gluten-, GMO- and lactose-free and vegan friendly. No carrageenan. No binders. No colors or sweeteners Mother Nature wouldn’t recognize. You’ll find Unsweetened Almond and Vanilla Unsweetened Almond in the refrigerator case.

Beckon Ice Cream— Lactose-Free and Dairy Full

Katy and Gwen, the makers of Beckon Ice Cream, are on a mission to beckon all ice cream lovers back to real ice cream. This is the first premium, lactose-free ice cream that is still made from real milk and cream—sourced from a local co-op in the Northeast that is 100% farmer-owned, btw. Instead of using dairy alternatives, they add the lactase enzyme to make lactose free ice cream that is deliciously creamy. And there are no gums, artificial stabilizers, artificial sweeteners or corn syrups either. It’s not magic, it just tastes like it! The Sea Salt Chocolate Chip is particularly yummy:)

And one more shout out…

House Made Pumpkin Sweet Rolls

Rumors of these new bakery treats rippled through the co-op staff and then finally they appeared in the bakery case one day! Oh, wow! Warning, you may become addicted! They go fast so keep your eyes open and grab them while you can. But, for Thanksgiving, you can order a box of 4, so you can be guaranteed to have them over the long holiday weekend. And they’d make a great hostess gift if you’re traveling by car!