Hey, Check This Out! March 2021

Every month we get a whole array of new products that land on the shelves of the Monadnock Food Co-op. Here are a few items we think you should check out!


Looking for a non-dairy option that’s creamy enough to hold up to your morning cup of coffee? Look no further! Chobani’s Extra Creamy Oat Milk absolutely lives up to its name. The extra-creamy consistency makes this oat milk perfect for frothy lattes, but it’s excellent in smoothies, tea, and cereal too. Since it’s unsweetened, you can use it in just about anything!


Organic Valley’s Egg Bites are like a little omelet on the go! Just heat them up and you’ve got a tasty snack, breakfast, or lunchbox addition. Find them near the eggs in three flavors: Ham & Swiss, Feta & Chive, and Sausage & Pepper Jack.


Miller Farm—an organic dairy farm located in Vernon, Vermont—has been in the Miller family since 1916, and they offer some of the creamiest, most delicious milk around. Their milk is called “Creamline” because it’s non-homogenized, letting the cream rise to the top naturally. The end product is a pasteurized milk with a flavor similar to raw milk, and it is supremely tasty. Shake the milk before you pour it to mix in the cream—or, if you’re feeling decadent, scoop some of the cream into your morning coffee or tea. Miller Farm Creamline Whole Milk is available in Maple and Chocolate flavors as well for even more delicious choices!