Hey, Check This Out! June 2017

Cawston Press Sparkling Drinks — Rhubarb!

We try not to indulge in too much soda but when we saw rhubarb in a can, well, there was no way we we’re going to miss out on that! A sparkling drink made with one of our favorite spring flavors! It’s perfectly balanced with pressed apple juice, not too sweet and very gently fizzed and only 125 calories per can. Just a lovely drink for a warm summer day.

And definitely try the other (equally refreshing!) flavors—Elderberry, Ginger Beer and Cloudy Apple. Sold as a 4-pk in the drinks aisle and as single cans in the cold case at the back of the store.

Hermit Woods Winery, Hermit Hard Apple Cider

(sorry, this product is currently unavailable)

Named by Food & Wine Magazine as one of America’s 500 Best Wineries, Hermit Woods, in Meredith, NH, makes award-winning handcrafted wines from unique blends of locally sourced fruit. So, it was kind of a natural line extension to make hard cider. This old-world dry cider is crafted from French and English heirloom apples, quince, and crabapples and very, very tasty. The fun, creative packaging is what drew our attention to this cider in the first place and we were intrigued enough to read all about the actual hermit who inspired their brand: http://hermitwoods.com/about/hermit/

As the copy on the back of the bottle says, “Hermit Hard Apple Cider makes a fine companion when you want to sit on a stump in the woods alone. It’s lively blend of heirloom sharps goes just right with fresh air and lots of thinking to do. Of course, you more sociable types are free to raise a glass with whatever wildlife you choose.”:)

Monadnock Food Co-op Jute Tote Bags

Introducing our new MFC tote bags! Not only do these sturdy, big bags have plenty of room for groceries or gear for the beach, they’re helping the women that make the bags. The manufacturer—Freeset Global—is a fair trade business offering employment to women who are victims of trafficking in India. These women are given the opportunity to learn new sewing skills and regain control of their lives in a caring community. Making these bags is part of the journey to her freedom. To her friends and neighbors among the thousands still trapped in the sex trade, she’s a symbol of hope. To learn more about how these bags are making lives better go to: freesetglobal.com/who-we-are/our-story