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Food & Gift Card Donations

Monadnock Food Co-op contributes food or gift cards regularly to a wide range of community organizations that align with the following guidelines:

  • Support the Monadnock Region / Southwestern New Hampshire.
  • Have no political or religious affiliations.
  • Have a goal of improving and/or educating consumers about the nutritional quality of food; improving sustainability in food production; and/or supporting local food production.
  • Support cooperative values, such as farm production co-ops.
  • Support learning and personal development, such as educational institutions.
  • Promote buying from locally owned businesses and support the local economy.
  • Provide support to members of the community who are in need, such as low-income households.
  • Support environmental stewardship.


The Monadnock Food Co-op strives to spread our donations out among as broad a spectrum of community organization as possible, and are more likely to make small donations to many different organizations on a frequent basis than large donations to a few organizations. We do not donate to individuals. Paper donation requests will no longer be considered. All requests must be submitted online.

To allow us to more fairly consider the large volume of requests we receive, please follow our procedure for requesting a donation at least three weeks in advance.

Fill out our online request form by clicking the button below.

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