Special Ways to Celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day

Give Locally Grown Flowers

A beautiful bouquet of locally grown flowers is just the thing to dress up breakfast-in-bed for your Mom.

Check out what Maegan and Barry from Gilsum Gardens will offer this Mother’s Day. This father-daughter team worked hard this spring to raise large, healthy, cold-hardy, overflowing blooms to help you show your appreciation for the special mom in your life.

Maegan stands amid a field of sunflowers during a farm tour organized by our co-op.

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Our co-op is excited to be able to offer you these flowers not only because they are as fresh as you can get but because sourcing flowers locally allows us to choose uncommon, heirloom, or otherwise unique flowers and foliage that would not have the rigor to with stand shipping across the country or world. We can also guarantee that flowers from local farms like Gilsum Gardens are raised and picked by workers who choose to work there, are fairly compensated for their contributions, and enjoy safe working conditions—none of which are to be taken for granted in the floral industry.

Using Integrated Pest Management techniques, Maegan and Barry grow and process these flowers without synthetic pesticides and fungicides, meaning there will be no potentially harmful chemical residue on them. Go ahead, decorate mom’s pancakes with a bloom or two!

Integrated Pest Management helps balance production with nature, allowing Maegan and Barry to employ interventions only when necessary and use the least toxic interventions first. Monarchs are welcome and safe here!

Gilsum Gardens has many ties to our co-op, and you are likely to see Maegan shopping in our store regularly. However, as we are focusing on Mothers Day, we want to say thank you to Barb Kelly, Maegan’s own mom, who helped start this greenhouse operation. Barb has worked at our co-op for over five years in our produce department and can give you plenty of floral and gardening advice if you ask. Or, you could just congratulate her on starting a valuable local resource and raising a lovely, hard-working, and talented daughter.  Happy Mother’s Day, Barb! And thank you to the Gilsum Gardens team for cultivating beautiful expressions of spring for the rest of us to share with our own moms.

Barb, co-founder of Gilsum Gardens, Maegan’s Mom, and 5+-year employee of our co-op’s Produce Department.