Staff Spotlight: Liz Sheridan

If you have ever ordered a sandwich at the co-op, chances are you have sampled one of Liz’s masterpieces. She is always working at full speed ahead to keep up with all the orders at the sandwich bar but we were able to squeeze in a little interview recently.

The Basics

Department: Prepared Foods

Current Position: Sandwich Station

Years at our Co-op: 5+ years!

Special Skill: I am always perky and happy








Favorite Product:
Anything chocolate from our bakery — tortes, mousses — or Mayfair Farm’s Flourless Chocolate Cake — which reminds me of another special skill — I can make all the chocolate cake disappear before morning.

Digging Deeper

Favorite Co-op Event: Our local BBQs that we have outside in the summer months

What do you love about our co-op?
The people I work with. The co-op ambiance. My customers.








Favorite thing about the bigger co-op?
I have a much better view of the store and get to interact with a lot more people!

Soup or sandwich?
I know you think I’d be a sandwich girl but it’s both! A sandwich needs to be dunked into something.

The Fun Stuff

Favorite comfort food?
There are three:
A simple chocolate bar.
A peanut butter & jelly sandwich. I eat one every day. Seriously.
And then, there’s my favorite grilled cheese which has a special ingredient — mac & cheese.

What do you do outside of the co-op?
Ahhh, my life…talking, walks, listening to the Sox, my dogs.

What animal would you like to be?
An eagle.

Your motto?
When I start my revolt, who’s coming?

Other fun facts you want to share?
I love a good buffet!