Thank You: One-Day Round It Up for Keene Skatepark

The Monadnock Food Co-op held a one-day Round It Up Donation Drive on July 11 to benefit the Keene Skatepark. Together, co-op shoppers donated $696.97 to the Keene Skatepark.

“Our current skatepark is 20 years old and made of plywood and metal sheeting. It is out-dated and has high maintenance costs for the City of Keene,” said Project Coordinator Kathy Burke. “Using professional skatepark designers and working with Friends of Public Art, the new skatepark will engage local artists to create a beautiful park instilling a sense of community pride.”

About the Keene Skatepark
Keene Skatepark collaborates with Pathways for Keene, Friends of Public Art, Keene State College, and the City of Keene. To find out more about their fundraising efforts, visit