Pay-It-Forward and Fuel Our Local Living Economy

As we welcome in a new year, The Local Crowd (TLC) Monadnock invites you to Pay-It-Forward.  Help us recruit and support more crowdfunding campaign teams working to grow affordable housing, farms & local food, and living wage jobs & equity in our region.

Contribute $25 or more to our crowdfunding campaign online today!

Our Pay-It-Forward program empowers us to provide extra resources to campaigns aligned with our 2021 community priorities selected by our community.  These priorities represent critical building blocks for our Local Living Economy, an economy that works for all of us.  A Local Living Economy improves our quality of life, meets everyone’s basic needs, and cultivates engaged citizens.

While TLC Monadnock crowdfunding campaign teams may be rich in social capital, they may need access to additional resources such as business consultants, videographers, and marketing tools to ensure their success. We identify each campaign team’s specific needs through a pre-assessment – and, with your support, we will provide extra resources to fill in each team’s most critical gaps. We will also use our Pay-It-Forward funds to match donations for crowdfunding campaigns aligned with our 2021 community priorities.

Since launching TLC Monadnock in 2017, we’ve raised over $230,000 from 2,000 supporters for twenty-six crowdfunding campaigns. Thank you, Monadnock Region!  Next year’s goal is to raise at least $100,000 from 1,000 supporters for ten campaigns.  You can help lay the groundwork for this future success by supporting our Pay-It-Forward program today.

What types of crowdfunding teams do we hope to recruit and support in 2021?  Teams from this year provide inspiring examples for projects we hope to attract next year.

More Local Food

Food Connects raised $10,850 through their TLC Monadnock crowdfunding campaign, Growing Local Food Markets in the Monadnock Region.  They partner with local farmers and food producers throughout our region, like Frisky Cow Gelato, Echo Farm Puddings, and Picadilly Farm, and bring their products to schools, grocery stores, hospitals, restaurants, and other businesses.  The funds raised enabled Food Connects to become an approved vendor allowing them to bring more local food to larger wholesale markets.

“This is the start of something huge for our region,” said Laura Carbonneau, Food Connects Marketing Manager. “When we sell to wholesale customers in our community, more people have access to local food. Our work creates a vibrant food economy with a vision to make local food accessible to all community members.”

More Affordable Housing

Sharing Housing gathered $10,203 through their TLC Monadnock crowdfunding campaign, Teaching Successful Home Sharing.  These funds will help Sharing Housing develop an on-demand online course on how to create healthy, happy shared homes.

“Even before the pandemic, many people struggled with housing costs and social isolation,” said Annamarie Pluhar, Shared Housing Founder.  “Shared housing is a viable solution, many of us overlook when considering where and how to live, despite multiple advantages – social, emotional, and financial.”

More Equity

Keene Housing Kids Collaborative (KSKC) raised $2,230 during their TLC Monadnock crowdfunding campaign, Helping Kids Access Success. KHKC helps give kids living in Keene Housing households the chance to participate in activities in our community that will help them succeed.  They work to ensure that these children, the next generation of workers, parents, and community leaders, have a better start in life despite their families’ financial struggles.

“We believe kids, wherever they live, should be part of the community, not apart from the community,” said Liz Chipman, KHKC Executive Director. “That’s why we don’t have centralized programming onsite at Keene Housing properties. Instead, we partner with community organizations that are already providing excellent programming for kids.”

Join our community of Pay-It-Forward supporters.  Empower us to grow more affordable housing, farms & local food, and living wage jobs & equity in our region.  Thank you so much for your continued support, and Happy New Year!

Please support our crowdfunding campaign today!