Northeast Organic Family Farm Partnership

Our local dairy producers need our support now more than ever and our co-op has been a longtime supporter of dairy producers regionally. We are asking you to join our co-op in pledging at least one-quarter of your household’s dairy products from brands that purchase milk from Northeast Organic Family Farms. If you and your household are already supporting one of our great local dairy producers that are not mentioned on this list like Manning Hill Farm don’t stop, because they are all in need of our support.

This partnership was created to encourage ALL stakeholders in the food system—consumers, retailers, and vendors—to support and safeguard our region’s organic family farmers.

Your pledge will make all the difference

The stunningly simple secret to our modern food system is that “consumers rule.” Grocers, restaurants, cafeterias, even online retailers always try to obtain and sell whatever products we consumers seek. So, when large numbers of consumers demand increased availability of certified organic products from northeast family farms, retailers and vendors will work hard to offer those products.

Your pledge to purchase one-quarter of your weekly dairy items from the brands that buy their milk from northeast organic family farms sends a clear signal to food outlets that you are committing to partner with them in prioritizing these farmers’ products. In return, these food purveyors and others who sign on as Partners are likewise committing to provide the items you want, and therefore pledging to do their parts to help ensure a stable market for organic family farm products.

The Brands You Should Support