Face Coverings Encouraged

As the State of NH and City of Keene lift their face covering requirements and the CDC changed its guidance around mask use, we will update our face covering policy for shoppers.

Starting Tuesday, June 1:

Face coverings are encouraged while we wait for more of our customers and staff to get fully vaccinated. (The CDC states that a fully vaccinated individual no longer needs to wear a face covering in public.)
During this transition, please continue to practice social distancing.

Face coverings will remainβ€―a requirement for staff until further notice, recognizing that not all staff have had the chance to be fully vaccinated. Our staff are more likely to be in close contact with one another (for 15+ minutes) than with customers, elevating the risk of COVID spreading between staff.

We realize this change might be difficult for some, so please be kind to one another. If you feel uncomfortable coming into our store for any reason, we encourage you to use our Curbside Pick-up service. Learn more at monadnockfood.coop/our-co-op/curbside.

We are extremely grateful for your ongoing support of our safety protocols and recognize that we are in an exciting yet challenging transition period.

Please reach out if you have any questions about these changes.