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We’re thrilled to join with three other locally owned businesses to launch TLC 4WARD campaign, a crowdfunding campaign empowering you to support the local businesses you don’t want to live without!


TLC 4WARD: Supporting Curbside Pick-Up at Our Co-op

Due to COVID-19, demand for a curbside pick-up program soared at our co-op. To meet this need as quickly as we could, we launched a pilot curbside pick-up program for seniors and people at-risk. And the orders came in!

Now, our biggest obstacle is finding enough refrigerated space to store orders until they’re picked up. We’d like to invest in a refrigerated trailer to allow us to continue offering this vital service. This trailer will also help us out immensely during our Thanksgiving season and Truckload events.

We turn to our community to help us cover a portion of the cost of this trailer. Your support will help us keep curbside pick-up available now and into the future.

“Thank you for being so responsive to the needs of your shoppers these days. You have pivoted, changed priorities, and are doing a wonderful thing by providing curbside pick-up. I love it so much that I foresee using this service for many months to come.” ~ Nancy Graves

Make this Happen!


Each business has a unique story to tell and we hope you’ll check them all out.

TLC 4WARD provides participating locally owned businesses with funds to weather the COVID-19 crisis, meet changes in community needs, and seize new opportunities to forward a more local, green and fair economy in the Monadnock Region.

“This is an unprecedented time—one we could not have imagined even six months ago,” shared Diane Sontum, co-founder of The Local Crowd. “Yet, what we imagine today gives us the power to change the world of tomorrow into one we want for ourselves, our children, our neighbors, and the planet that sustains us.”

Businesses interested in participating can submit their story online.

In response to the economic crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic, TLC developed 4WARD—a crowdfunding-based initiative that can be rapidly deployed in communities to support recovery. 4WARD enables residents to contribute to local businesses and organizations through online transactions.

The purpose of TLC 4WARD is to help rural communities recover more quickly and more completely from this crisis. Funded in part by the National Science Foundation, this initiative is based on TLC’s recent SBIR research project. The research concluded that the TLC crowdfunding platform is an effective tool for stimulating financial and social capital in the communities that use it.

Submit Your Business Story

Questions? Please contact Jen Risley, TLC Monadnock Program Manager, at jen@thelocalcrowd.com or (603) 283-5401.