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Sales Flyers – available to everyone!

You don’t have to be a Member-Owner of our co-op to shop our sales! Click the images to see what is in each current sales flyer or learn about Co+op Basics.



Why do we have two sales flyers?

On the left is our in-store flyer “MFC Deals” where we feature fresh products from the Meat, Produce, Cheese, Deli, Beer & Wine departments along with local and seasonal items.

On the right is “Co+op Deals” – a flyer that features grocery & wellness items that are on sale in 147 independently-owned co-ops across the country. These sales are brought to us by National Co+op Grocers, a co-operative owned by these food co-ops, including yours. We employ them to aggregate our buying power so we can get great sales like these for customers like you!

While we try to stock all of the items in the Co+op Deals flyer, we can’t always get them all from our East Coast distributors or fit them on the shelf, so very occasionally we will not be able to stock one of NCG’s featured items. We apologize for this inconvenience — when this happens we usually try to put a comparable item in the MFC Deals flyer instead.