Round It Up for MUCH: Monadnock Understands Childhood Hunger

We will launch a month-long Round It Up Donation Drive to benefit Monadnock Understands Childhood Hunger (MUCH) for the month of September. MUCH is a coalition of members who share the vision of access to abundant, healthy food for all children in our region. The money you donate through our co-op will help MUCH distribute their vacation food boxes to area schools with children in need.

“Every child, Every meal, Every day” is MUCH’s mantra and as simple and obvious a message, it is nonetheless a truth against great odds. Supply is not meeting growing demand in regional and national programs and choices are increasingly limited and inherently unhealthy. 

Solving food inequality for children is a far-reaching, complex societal issue that touches on the work of many great social support networks. MUCH believes that the best way to eradicate childhood hunger is by partnering together as like-minded organizations and friends. With innovative ideas, shared resources, common education, support of one another and a steadfast common goal, they will succeed. 

MUCH’s membership includes non-profits, schools and universities, farming and faith-based organizations, community service organizations, businesses, community leaders and concerned citizens who care about the healthy development of children. It is their view that through this model of Collective Impact MUCH will build a sustainable, holistic and healthy approach to food security for our children. Each day they dedicate our work towards education, imagination, connection, and creativity. Just as kids need to grow so does MUCH. In fact, they need you and your passion if you consider this to be one of the greatest and most unjust challenges of our time. 

It is a busy time for a very young organization. MUCH is partnering with Keene Elm City Rotary to provide vacation food boxes for area schools. This year they will put out over 100 boxes for each of the 4 weeks of school vacations.

In addition to this project, we are working with the Keene Community Kitchen on a food assessment survey that will be invaluable in mapping the needs of our local communities. We will be working with local farmers and the Cheshire County Conservation District to create open markets for free-flowing fresh fruits and vegetables. Summer is another time of great need and this summer we filled a gap by working with Keene Elm City Rotary and Keene Community Kitchen to provide lunches for children attending the Keene Public Library summer programs. We hope to launch a film festival and educational campaign this spring in conjunction with our healthcare partners. Clearly, there is MUCH work to be done.