How Can We Help?

When our Co-op was not yet bricks and mortar but a group of folks striving toward a goal, we determined that 1,000 members represented a critical mass of support to move forward. You may be reading this article now because you are a Member-Owner. You might be among the first 1,000 or you might be the person who joined just this week. Our membership is now over 4,000! Regardless of the length of your relationship with Monadnock Food Co-op, we are all on the cusp of celebrating the 10th anniversary of our store’s grand opening. Your engagement and experiences as Co-op Member-Owners and friends matter to your Board and Staff.

What makes our Co-op different from other stores? Its Member-Owners are vital as well as all who choose to shop here. Quarterly 10% discounts, bulk order discounts, and patronage refunds are just some of the benefits of membership. Through our monthly “Round It Up” campaigns all shoppers have the opportunity to participate in supporting our local farmers and area non-profits. This program has allowed all of us to make a great impact on our region.

Here are a few reminders to help you make the most of your Co-op experience:

  • Are you looking for a product and have not found it yet? Ask any staff person to help you locate the product. Or, if we don’t carry it fill out a Customer Suggestion card located at the Customer Service Desk near the Cafe. This card can be used to give any feedback about your shopping experience. There is a box nearby to drop your card into.
  • The Customer Service Desk is the place to find a variety of information. Have you moved recently? Contact Change cards are located there to fill out and drop in the box.
  • Did you interact with Staff and want to share your experience?  What Is Your Impression? cards are available to complete and also turn in at the desk.
  • Do you have more questions? Your Board is happy to hear from you. You can contact us at:

Looking forward to seeing you all as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary next month!