Hey, Check This Out! November 2017

88 Acres Seed Butter

Just outside of Boston, we discovered a mission-based food startup called 88 ACRESmaking wonderful small-batch nut-free seed butters. They go to great lengths to ensure the safety of their ingredients and the final product. We currently carry two flavors—Pumpkin Seed Butter and Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter. The Chocolate Sunflower is so rich and so delicious that you’ll be wanting to find any excuse to eat it—try pairing it with strawberries or bananas, swirling it into baked delights or spreading it on toast. Truthfully, we’ve been caught (numerous times) just eating it right out of the container 😋

Ethical Bean Coffee Compostable Pods

Since 2003 Ethical Bean has been driven by the belief that fair trade doesn’t have to live on the fringe. The Ethical Bean team wanted to compete with the world’s biggest growers and roasters on quality and taste, but only with fair trade, organically-grown beans. They want to use energy, water and materials more responsibly than the rest. And, most of all, provide a fair wage to the farmers who produce our coffee.

It’s a formula you can taste in every cup of Ethical Bean coffee.

So, it makes perfect sense that this company would also care enough to solve an ongoing problem for Keurig coffee brewers by offering 100% certified compostable pods! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our coffee mugs!

Nounós Creamery Greek Yogurt

(sorry, this product is currently unavailable)

What makes Nounós Creamery hand-crafted yogurt different is that it’s made in small batches, strained the same way it has been done in Greek villages for centuries: cotton straining bags and gravity. The result is a thick, velvety, protein-rich yogurt made in Southampton, NY.

Besides the luxurious tasting yogurt, the 100% recyclable glass container protects the flavor and integrity of their yogurt. It makes for an even more enjoyable, a more sophisticated yogurt experience you could say. And these safe-for-the-environment containers are reusable! BPA-free lids for these great little 6-oz containers can be ordered (and shipped free!) from the Nounós website. We think they’d also made sweet tea light candle holders for the holidays.