Hey, Check This Out! June 2021

JUST WATER Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative

Why choose water in the blue carton? Because it’s 100% responsibly sourced naturally high-alkaline spring water and 88% of the materials used to make these water cartons start out as plants—trees for the paper and sugarcane for the cap and shoulder.

Plants pull carbon out of the air as they grow and they can be replanted. They’re renewable! And it’s because of the plants that the carton creates up to 74% fewer carbon emissions than similarly-sized plastic bottles. Make an impact, one carton at a time 🌎💧♻️

BREWER’S Baked Pita Chips

BREWER’S make their chips using up-cycled brewery grains, a valuable byproduct from the beer-making process. When making beer, brewers steep super high-quality grains, like barley, in water. They then strain this mixture, keeping the liquid to make beer and discard the “spent” grains. Turns out, these grains are still incredibly flavorful and nutritious! BREWER’S recycle these saved grains into their crackers to reduce food waste. Then they add the perfect amount of sea salt so you can pair them with dips, cheese, soup, salad or just to snack on 😋 🌎

MUSH Overnight Oats

Instead of cooking oats to make traditional oatmeal, MUSH cold-soak oats in dairy-free milk to make ready-to-eat oats for you to dig into in the morning. The soaking process helps the ingredients retain their valuable nutrients and become easier to digest. The resulting product is pudding-like in texture, rich in flavor, and always fresh.

No heat pasteurization. No preservatives. No fillers. No artificial flavors or colors. Gluten-free. Dairy-free. Non-GMO. Protein-rich. High in fiber. Plant-based. Women-owned 😁

Check out the multiple flavors like Vanilla Bean, Strawberry, or Apple Cinnamon.