Hey, Check This Out! December 2023



As we prepare to hunker down for the winter, here are a few new products to keep in your pantry for when you’re craving comfort food.

FUNNY FARM Goat White Cheddar Shells

Ultra-creamy and super cheesy, this Goat Cheddar Mac & Cheese is packed with melty goodness in every bite. It’s ready in a matter of minutesβ€”just add 4 tablespoons of your favorite goat or plant-based milk and 1 tablespoon of your preferred butter to the noodles to make this yummy new comfort food. Funny Farm knows goat cheese makes everything better and we agree 🐐

MUIR GLEN Chili Starter

Making chili got even easier with Muir Glen’s Organic Chili Starter! Just add your preferred meat (or plant-based crumbles) and beans! Chili Starter is made with the flavorful fire-roasted diced tomatoes that Muir Glen is known for plus bell peppers and blended together with herbs and warm spices, including paprika, black pepper, and cayenne pepper. This new pantry staple comes in two flavors, Mild and Medium, so you can create the perfect dish with the right amount of heat.

You’ll find some recipes like this Easy Weeknight Chili on the Muir Glen website.

BORN SIMPLE Tomato & Basil Sauce

Simple ingredients. Simple packaging. This Tomato & Basil sauce smells like summer, and its light flavor is balanced by a generous helping of savory extra virgin olive oil, and herbs and spices. Just pour into a pan to heat and serve with your favorite pasta. We love that Born Simpler is thinking about new ways of packaging and how it affects environmental impact. Read more about why cartons save space and fuel on their journey to our store on their website.