Hey, Check This Out! December 2017

The Maine Crisp Company—Cinnamon Maple Crisps

Gone are the days when a cracker was nothing more than a vehicle for cheese. These handmade, gluten-free crisps, baked in Waterville, Maine, will elevate your cheese board and pair well with chevre, creamy blues or aged sheep cheese. (Check out their Instagram page for serving ideas.) We carry two flavors of Maine Crisps—Cinnamon Maple or Blueberry Walnut. Be warned that they are also delicious on their own—chock full of delicious nuts, seeds and dried fruit—you won’t be able to eat just one!

Thinksport GO2 Lunch Box

Unlike many other lunch style boxes, the GO2 container seals off each compartment. You can literally fill each compartment with different colored water, shake it and not have the colors mix. These compartments don’t have separate lids—just one lid seals off the three areas—so no worries about a lost lid! And finally—Thinksport has thought of everything—there’s a stylish, ergonomic fork and spoon that fits into its own compartment. Modern, highly functional, environmentally responsible and a great gift for kids or adults who bring their lunch. Just fill and GO! For more on this social responsible company, read here.

Vermont Maple Brittle by Sweet On Vermont

Sweet on Vermont has been called “the best chocolate in the Green Mountain State” and praised by The New York Times and NPR to name a few. Today, owner and chocolatier Erika Henik carries on the tradition, started 20years ago, of making every batch of gourmet confections by hand. Their Maple Brittle is a snapping-crisp English toffee made with crushed almonds, pure Vermont maple syrup and creamy Vermont butter. Not overly sweet, just buttery and utterly delightful! There are two flavors to choose from—original or dipped in silky dark chocolate. We love the super cute packaging too—perfect for gift giving!