Yuko’s Got the Beet

Congratulations to Yuko Hamilton Mori who works in the Co-op’s Deli & Beverage Bar. She is our ninth employee to receive the Monadnock Food Co-op’s “Beet Award.” CONGRATS YUKO!

Yuko came to the co-op in 2014 seeking something that was missing in her life – a sense of community. We were fortunate to hire her in that while we helped enrich her life she, in turn, has greatly added to our community here at the co-op. Yuko is always smiling, always helpful, always willing to go the extra mile – whether for a customer or co-worker. With hard work and perseverance she has overcome obstacles to become a successful employee here at the co-op. She seemingly predicts your every want and need while providing outstanding customer service, and is a genuinely kind and thoughtful individual. Anyone who has had contact with Yuko knows what a bright ray of sunshine she is! We want to thank Yuko for all her effort and enthusiasm.

The “Beet Award” is a quarterly award given to a Co-op staff member who most embodies the spirit of a great co-operator. They display a friendly attitude, help others out without hesitation and are incredible ambassadors of our Co-op. Thank you Yuko!