Jeff’s Got the Beet

Congratulations to Jeff Coulter — the latest employee to receive the Monadnock Food Co-op’s “Beet Award.”

Jeff has been an All-Star at our store for over five years! He brings a positive energy to all of his Co-op interactions and delivers some of our best customer service. Jeff is an excellent closer, shift lead, and trainer for the Front End.

Pre-Pandemic, Jeff filmed and edited our All-Staff Meetings, Annual Meetings, and many other large events.

Jeff was an integral part of our store’s original safety video and he is largely responsible for the filming, creation, and editing of our current video.

He is a natural leader that Front End staff look up to and admire. He is an invaluable member of our Co-op.

The “Beet Award” is a quarterly award given to a co-op staff member who most embodies the spirit of a great co-operator. They display a friendly attitude, help others out without hesitation, and are incredible ambassadors of our Co-op.