Celebrate Independents Month in July!

Independents Month

Independents Month is a time to recognize our locally owned and independent businesses and the community values they embody:

  • Their spirit of entrepreneurship, individuality, uniqueness, and character.
  • How they give back to our community with their time, talents, goods, and services.
  • How they fulfill community needs that make us healthier and wealthier.




Multiplier Effect

Independents Month, part of the American Independent Business Alliance’s (AMIBA) Shop Indie Local Initiative, is the perfect time to shine a light on the Local Multiplier Effect and the Monadnock Indie Impact Study. Together, we’ll inspire our communities to take positive action and boost the positive ripple effects our neighborhoods, towns, and cities receive when we spend more of our dollars at locally owned, independent businesses.


It Starts With You

Independents Month is a time to reflect on your ability to think and act independently and embrace your part in shaping the future of your community. Shop Indie Local and boost the multiplier effect in your region. Also, take time to acknowledge the independent business owners you know.


Take the Indie Challenge

Another way to celebrate Independents Month is to take the Indie Challenge. Pledge to make all your purchases at locally owned businesses for one day, one week, or the entire month. Sign on to the Indie Challenge today!

Traveling during Independents Month? Enjoy what locally owned and independent businesses have to offer wherever you’re visiting. Ask locals where their favorites are and look for independent business alliances in the areas you’re visiting.


The History of Independents Week

Carla Jimenez, co-owner of Inkwood Books and co-founder of the Tampa Independent Business Alliance, created the first Independents Week in 2001. In 2005, AMIBA began promoting the campaign nationally, providing tools to help communities organize their own Independents Week celebrations.

This July, let’s celebrate our independence and our independents together.