Co-op Karma Staff Appreciation Program

Button Mock-ups Co-op Karma Final No BackgroundHelp us recognize employees who are incredible stewards for our Co-op by participating in our Co-op Karma Program.

Anytime you notice an employee demonstrating SPIRIT, TEAMWORK, ALL AROUND CUSTOMER SERVICE, or COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT, simply complete a short Co-op Karma form (located at each department’s service counter) and drop it into the “Suggestion Box” at the Customer Service Desk — or fill out the form online (see form below).

Each morning, we’ll collect and share completed Co-op Karma forms with recognized employees – so they’ll know that you appreciate them!

What We’re Looking For
SPIRIT: A positive attitude, enthusiasm and pride in their work; is a positive mentor when training others

TEAMWORK: Cooperates with others, communicates effectively, offers assistance without being asked, and works well with others in and outside of their department

ALL AROUND CUSTOMER SERVICE: Shares product knowledge, responds to all customers in need regardless of department, and greets both staff and customers

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Participates in community programs, events or activities that promote a healthy and sustainable food system, support local farmers and producers, provide education and training about cooperatives, and improve the local economy