Expansion Update: August 23

our latest milestones reached:

We identified the New Markets Tax Credit financing we need to help us move forward on our project. We also launched our Member-Owner Loan Campaign to raise $1.5 million!

what’s happening next:

We’re calling all eligible Member-Owners to let them know about our Member Loan Campaign. View our campaign brochure and more expansion updates.

growing forward:

Our expansion project will add 6,700 sq. ft. to our current store — allowing us to better meet our community’s needs by:

  • Providing a broader assortment of healthy product choices.
  • Improving our prices through greater purchasing power.
  • Boosting sales of local products to an estimated $6.5 million annually, supporting more local farms and farm families and the wider local economy.
  • Increasing operational efficiencies by moving all of our office staff back to one building.
  • Building a stronger local economy by adding 30 jobs (20 full-time and 10 part-time).

Questions or concerns? Please contact Michael at gm@monadnockfood.coop or 603-283-5400.