Your Vote Counts: Co-op Board of Directors

Democratic governance of the Monadnock Food Co-op is one of the fundamental principles of all co-ops. Owners of the co-op elect the Board of Directors to act in the best interest of the co-op in a way that is transparent. The Board gets its authority from you, the owners, and is accountable to the owners for every decision that it makes.

Voting for the Directors happens each year. The nine Directors each serve a 3-year term and can be reelected to 3 consecutive terms. This year there are 4 candidates for 3 seats on the Board. Each member-household has one ballot with which to elect 3 individuals.

Voting is open, and you can learn more about each of the candidates and how to cast your vote by going to There is a voting kiosk in the store, or you can ask at the service desk for a paper ballot. Voting in the store will close on Thursday, October 25. Voting online is available through 6:30 PM on Friday, October 26, 2018, and also at the Annual Meeting until 6:30 PM.


The Annual Meeting & Celebration begins at 5 PM on October 26 at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel on Railroad Street in downtown Keene. You’ll be greeted by your friends and neighbors who, like you, value the community created by the Monadnock Food Co-op. The theme of this year’s annual celebration is “More than a Store” as we review the accomplishments of the past year, recognize those who have contributed to our success, and share lots of exciting information about what is on the horizon for our co-op.

Please join your Board of Directors for great food and drink as we look at the potential of a store expansion to meet our shared goals for more product choices, good paying jobs for our employees, lower prices, and a co-op store we can all be proud of.

Looking forward to seeing you at the celebration!