You spoke, we’re listening.

We were thrilled and grateful for our shoppers’ participation in our biannual shopper survey last month! This year we had the highest level of participation so far, and your responses were detailed and thoughtful. We will analyze the results over the next few months and will report back on how we plan to incorporate the results.  We are committed to continuing to find ways to serve you better, and your feedback is essential in that process.

While I indicated that the results will be reported on later, I am happy to share that 79% of respondents strongly support growing our co-op, another 10% weakly favor and another 9% were neutral—for a total of 98%.  We are excited to see that level of support!

As we have communicated in the past, we feel that our expansion project will be the best current approach to growing our co-op into the future and we continue to take steps towards that goal. The expansion will help us improve many of the areas respondents identified as important, including selling more local foods and reducing pricing through increased purchasing power.

On that note, we have been working through floor plan drafts and feel we are getting close to a draft plan that accomplishes almost everything we hoped for. The draft plan includes expanded retail space to improve our product selection of local and organic offerings, an expanded deli for healthy convenient food offerings, and an expanded café both inside and outside to provide a community eating place, to name a few.  We will keep you updated on our progress, so stay tuned.