Why I Joined

By Michelle Davis

My father was a dairy farmer in Walpole. As a child my fondest memories are not of holidays or vacations, but rather of the animals and playing in the fields.

I collected fresh eggs from our hens, milked cows, assisted in calf births, worked in the garden (with my “blankie” – I was a toddler and young child). I drank raw milk right from the cow my father was milking and we made our own butter. As an adolescent, I also worked hard days haying in the fields under the hot August sun.

Unfortunately, the  corporate gregariousness of America “stole” many small local farms. I witnessed this as my father lost his farm, along with many other Connecticut River Valley farmers.

I am committed to the health and wealth of my community. I am committed to organic gardening. I joined the co-op many years ago at Earth Day because of my spirited commitment to my community and my innate love and compassion for the natural world, animals and the hard work of family farmers.