WE DID IT! $800,000 Goal Surpassed!

In just under four months, our Co-op has reached its goal of $800,000 to complete our Member Loan Campaign.  We are so grateful to the 130 MCM Co-op founding Member-Owners who made interest-bearing loans to make this possible–and to all of our founding Member-Owners for joining the Co-op and for your continued support.

Your loans make it possible for the MCM Co-op Board of Directors to move forward with the hiring of our Co-op’s first General Manager, expected to be in place by the end of October, and to begin construction on our store.

“We are thrilled with the successful completion of our Member Loan Campaign, and so appreciative of our Member-Owners’ support. These loans allow us to spend start-up funds on making our Co-op store better, rather than spending money on higher interest payments to third-party lenders.  Interest on these loans will be paid to our member-owners and, thus, will stay in our local community. This campaign has been a demonstration of the strong support for the Co-op from our Members-Owners and our community. We look forward to serving the Monadnock Region as a downtown shopping option for many years to come.”

~Joe Marks, MCM Co-op Board President

Pending final City of Keene approval, construction on the Co-op building at Railroad Square will begin this fall, with completion scheduled for Summer 2012.

We look forward to celebrating with you at our first Annual Meeting and Celebration, Saturday, October 15, 1 – 4pm at Heberton Hall in Keene.