Twenty-Seven Future Farmers and Local Food Fans

Localvore Logo CURRENTThe Monadnock Localvores will sponsor twenty-seven Monadnock Region young people to attend a farm camp this summer through their Jeffrey P. Smith Farm Scholarship Program.

The Jeffrey P. Smith Farm Scholarship Program’s goal is to connect young people with agriculture and the natural world around them — and inspire the next generation of local farmers and local food supporters.  During his lifetime, Jeff Smith, a former member of the Monadnock Localvore Steering Committee, was an enthusiastic supporter of sustainability and local agriculture.  He firmly believed in the connection of all living things, and stressed the importance of working in harmony with the systems of the universe.  Seeing himself as a “steward” instead of an “owner” of the land, he felt the earth was entrusted to us for safe keeping during our lifetimes, to be passed along intact to future generations.  With an eager and vibrant sense of life, his every activity was geared towards improving the lives of others and the environment through giving freely of his time and efforts.  To keep alive that vision, the Jeffrey P. Smith Farm Scholarship Program was initiated in August 2009.

The Monadnock Food Co-op held their second annual Ice Cream Social as a fundraiser for the Monadnock Localvores Farm Scholarship Program and a celebration of summer’s arrival.




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