True Nature Gardens

2015-04-19 18.13.392 useRex couldn’t hide his passion for growing quality food if he wanted to. Like many local farmers, he has a day job, so I took a trip across town one evening this week, and found myself chuckling as he excitedly explained the benefits of each carefully-chosen variety of green that go into his Spicy Spring Mix and the logistics of planting. Apparently the arugula that flew off our shelves over the weekend was mostly harvested in the dark, because who doesn’t want to spend their Friday nights in a greenhouse?

2015-04-19 18.19.01 useAs he hopped over to examine the “babies” that were just starting to germinate, it was evident that this energetic young farmer had many more years of growing experience than I had originally assumed. In fact, Rex was not much more than a baby, himself, when he began growing vegetables on a tiny 30’ x 30’ plot at his childhood home in Bedford, NH. At the age of ten he would pull a small red cart full of freshly-harvested produce behind him, in order to deliver to his neighborhood customers.2015-04-19 17.54.50

Once he was finally able to drive, Rex cultivated connections with chefs and managers in local high end restaurants, where True Nature Gardens greens were a favorite on the menu. With the intention to make a living from his passion, he specialized in Agricultural Business in college.

Now, while leasing two greenhouses and a modest field right here in Keene,  Rex puts his passion and know-how to work to supply our fortunate

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community with delicious, high quality spring mixes and other cold-hardy crops this spring – including my favorite, Friday-night-fresh arugula.

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