The Co-op Commits to a Healthy Community

Being a great workplace has always been part of our goals, so it was only natural that our co-op chose to support the Healthiest Community Initiative by becoming a Worksite Wellness Champion. To become a Champion, an organization must pledge to create a healthier environment in the workplace, which could range from creating a smoke-free campus to offering walking meetings, to providing a designated lactation space for employees.

Our co-op is working with a Worksite Wellness Advisor from the Center of Population Health at Cheshire Medical Center to strengthen its worksite wellness plan that includes support for tobacco-free and family-friendly environments, physical activity, healthy eating, and building resilience (mental health and recovery). Some initiatives already underway include:

  • Well Nourished: Free filtered water to employees, 20% discount on purchases, healthy food choices at employee functions, wellness coaching through the EAP
  • Family Friendly: Flexible work scheduling, private location for lactation, paid time off for full and part-timers; caring policy for life events; parental leave policy
  • Building Resilience: Paid time off for full and part-time; wellness coaching through the EAP; health insurance available for employees working 30 hours or more; life insurance (including dependent coverage) and dental insurance for employees working 20 hours or more
  • Tobacco Free: Not only do they promote a tobacco-free worksite, they also promote cessation by providing counseling through the EAP and reimburse smokers for products they use to kick the habit
  • Physically Active: Gym membership subsidized through the health insurance; wellness coaching through the EAP, organized softball games; bike racks provided to encourage biking to work.

Through our existing wellness efforts and working with our advisor, the Monadnock Food Co-op has earned five Healthy Designation Badges alongside the Worksite Wellness Champion designation: Tobacco Free, Physically Active, Well Nourished, Family Friendly, and Building Resilience.

About Healthy Monadnock

Healthy Monadnock is a community engagement initiative designed to foster and sustain a positive culture of health throughout the Monadnock region. Founded and developed by Cheshire Medical Center in 2007, Healthy Monadnock’s action plans are guided in the community by the Leadership Council for a Healthy Monadnock. A group of 30+ individuals representing education, public health, social services, emergency response, government, faith-based philanthropic and business sectors. Community partners and Champions are working together to improve the quality of life and prevent the leading causes of death for everyone, by implementing strategies to; increase healthy eating and active living, increase income and jobs, improve mental wellbeing, increase emergency preparedness, reduce substance misuse, including tobacco, increase educational attainment and increase access and quality of healthcare.