The 2018 Shopper Survey Results Are In

We are incredibly grateful for your participation in our spring shopper survey. The feedback helps us make improvements and better meet your needs, just as the last survey led us to make improvements in our produce department, expand our ready-to-go offerings and reduce our prices.

Our Co-op’s shopper satisfaction improved significantly since our last survey in 2016. In fact, our Co-op scored in the top 10 for satisfaction compared to 46 other co-ops who submitted their survey data.

Respondents identified our prices, product selection and to a lesser extent our location as needing improvement. Regarding our location, satisfaction scores have decreased since our last survey primarily due to parking constraints. At the department level, respondents identified our bulk and produce departments as needing additional improvements. Both departments’ ratings, however, have improved since the last time we conducted the survey.

We feel strongly that our expansion project will help improve many of the storewide areas identified for improvement. Reduced pricing was the most requested outcome desired for our expansion project. While some survey participants shared concerns that the expansion would increase prices, I want to assure you that we will not be raising our prices as a result of the expansion. In fact, reduced prices are one of the things we plan to accomplish with it.

You may be asking, how is that possible? Since the store opened five years ago, our growth has led us to reach better and better pricing tiers with our distributors, and we have passed along those savings through reduced pricing on the shelf. We know that this next phase of planned growth will move us up to even better pricing tiers. Please keep in mind, though, that prices can still increase through inflation and other factors outside of our control.

With the expansion project’s added space we’ll improve our product selection to include more local choices, which we heard from shoppers was important. Lastly, we are expecting to add roughly 34 parking spaces through our expansion, and this will help alleviate the frustrations and help ensure you can find parking at our co-op.

In closing, I want to once again thank you for the time invested in sharing your feedback.  Please know that we will utilize all of it to help make our Co-op better able to serve you and our community at large.