Stonewall Farm Wins Silver in 2013 National Dairy Quality Awards

2013-01-09 11.58.22Congratulations Stonewall Farm!

Stonewall Farm, a non-profit educational farm and working dairy has won Silver in this year’s National Dairy Quality Awards (NDQA), a program of the National Mastitis Council. The NMC wrote,  “… a panel of milk quality judges rated (Stonewall Farm) as being among the best in the country.”

“This is a testament to our farmers, Glenn Yardley and Wendy French,” Stonewall Farm Director Joshua Cline said.  “Whose care for the dairy herd, attention to detail, commitment to organic practices and pride in their work has now been recognized on a national level.”

Only 53 dairy operations were recognized at the Platinum, Gold and Silver levels nationwide. Finalists, including Stonewall Farm, impressed NDQA judges and National Mastitis Council staff with “phenomenal milk quality numbers and consistent attention to detail in their pursuit to produce the best quality milk possible.” Judges reviewed all contenders on the basis of many different criteria, including not only milk quality but also “milking routine, cow comfort, udder health monitoring programs, treatment and prevention programs, and adherence to drug use and record keeping regulations.”

This important award, along with the farm’s 2013 Gold Award from the Organic Valley Cooperative, comes at a time when Stonewall Farm has begun promoting its new Milk Share Program. Community members can sign up for 6 months or a full year of pre-paid access to award-winning milk in pasteurized and raw batches. For more information please visit

For those interested in learning to farm, this is another reason to attend the Stonewall Farm School, a year-long farm apprenticeship which features a small-scale dairy or garden management concentration.

This year’s NDQA results will be formally announced in the January 2014 issue of Hoard’s Dairyman.

For more information on Stonewall Farm, the dairy, garden, farm store, or educational programs go to, or call 603-357-7278.