Staff Picks! September 2018

Milton’s—Gluten-Free Crispy Sea Salt Crackers

Even though I’m not restricted by a gluten-free diet, I love these crispy crackers as a healthier choice to chips and lighter alternative to regular crackers. They make a fantastic vehicle for our co-op-made spinach artichoke dip.

—Sue E.



Beyond Meat—Beast Burgers

This product is a triumph of science and a true meat replacement! It totally captures the texture, look, and feel of a real meat burger. And the Beast Burger is designed to be cooked straight from frozen, so it’s super convenient.

—Greg W.



Frisky Cow—Belgian Chocolate Gelato

This Belgian Chocolate Gelato is so rich! And surprisingly, it has less fat than ice cream. I LOVE that we sell the single serving containers—otherwise, I might eat the whole pint:)

—Sue E.