Staff Picks! November 2019

TIERRA FARMS Dark Cocoa Dusted Cashews

Dry roasted cashews coated in delicious, fair-trade dark chocolate—these are literally the best-tasting snack on the planet! You’ll find them in the bulk aisle.

—Erica S.



KRIEK MYTHOLOGY by Springdale Beer

A bold cherry flavor that is never cloying. Tart, acidic, and features some oak characteristics from barrel aging. A Belgian beer made in Framingham, MA! Let this bad boy come to room temperature and then pair with something roasted and salty. The care that goes into a Springdale beer is always evident with your first sip. Treat yourself!

—Ned B.


MEGAFOOD Women’s One Daily

I think these organic vitamins are the best on the market, and they’re made right here in NH! Their special production methods, partnerships with family farms, and superior digestibility make these my favorite brand. And I’ve tried a lot of vitamin brands! Add some fish (or algae) oil, and you’ll have all your bases covered.

—Anne F.