Staff Picks! March/April 2017

March 2017

House-made Spring Chicken Salad

I know that Spring is just around the corner when I see one of my favorite deli offerings at the prepared foods counter—the Spring Chicken Salad! The chicken is tender and the dressing is light. It’s just perfect for lunch, especially if I add it to a bed of spinach and salad greens from the salad bar. My granddaughters, Brooke & Paige, love it too!

—Sue E.



Lundberg Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes

These organic, gluten-free rice cakes are delicious whole grain treats. With only 2 grams of sugar per cake, they’re healthy too! I love to add a little peanut or almond butter for added protein. It’s just a perfect snack!

—Michael F.


Equal Exchange French Roast Coffee

I love Equal Exchange French Roast Coffee for so many reasons!

It’s tasty and delicious! It’s a superior dark roast coffee that is perfectly balanced and simply the best way to start your day! Equal Exchange is a worker owned co-op (headquartered & roasting beans in West Bridgewater, MA!) who sources from only small, farmer owned co-ops around the world—making it one of our only co-op to co-op to co-op supply chains! They’ve been paving the way in truly fair trade practices for over 30 years now and I love to support them and their farmers in any way I can! It’s easy when their products are so yummy!

And best of all,  I shop their coffee in our bulk department so it’s PACKAGING FREE! I bring in my mason jar, weight the jar, write down the product #, fill my jar to my heart’s content, and head to the register. No packaging waste!

—Megan S.


House-made Chai Tea Latte

This drink warms your soul! It’s delicious and perfectly brewed every single time, unlike other places that use a powdered mix. Ours is the REAL DEAL! And it can be made exactly how you like it. My favorite is with almond milk and honey—so good!

—Haley L.