Shared Community Vision for a Local Food Co-op

The Monadnock Community Market Co-op welcomes neighbors, connects community, and contributes economically to build a healthy & sustainable food system and community.

We envision a local Food Co-op adding to downtown Keene by:

  • Making healthy, local food accessible to our community members all year round
  • Helping to create a walkable community by providing a community-owned food market in the downtown
  • Creating more local jobs and keeping money in the community–our co-op will be locally owned forever
  • Supporting the region’s farmers and helping to preserve the rural landscape
  • Offering education and training (cooking, nutrition, and food preparation and preservation classes, etc.) to employees, the general public and community leaders
  • Working with other businesses on sustainable development in the downtown
  • Serving as a community center with workshops and community service programs
  • Helping to promote a strong local economy: every dollar spent at the co-op and other local businesses has roughly three times as much local economic impact as a dollar spent at a non-locally owned business


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