Share Your Favorite Smoothie Recipe

Slider-2015-Smoothie-Co-op-KarmaOn June 1st, we’re rolling out a new and improved employee recognition program called Co-op Karma and we want a great-tasting new smoothie to help us launch this new program.  Beginning May 17th and ending May 24th share your favorite recipe ideas for this new “Co-op Karma Smoothie.”  The winning recipe will be announced and available beginning on our Karma Kick-Off Day.

Please submit your recipes to: or drop off your entry in the “Smoothie Recipe” Bins located at the Customer Service Counter or the Beverage Bar during the week of May 17th.   Please include ingredients that are readily available at the Co-op, as the winning entry will become a permanent addition to our existing selection of smoothies.  Don’t forget to include a liquid in your creation (i.e., orange juice, milk or non-dairy milk, yogurt).

Everyone is welcome to participate, including Co-op Member-Owners, staff and all.  The winning entry will not only receive bragging rights, but a $10 gift card to the Co-op and a free smoothie.

Watch for more details about our Co-op Karma Program in June!